FLOWERS ARE ALL $3.00-$5.00!!!
(unless otherwise noted.)

March 3, 2010


Rose Pea, $5 pair

Sweet Pea, $5 pair

I'm working on FRESH new flowers for spring, so come back soon to browse the Easter collection!

October 29, 2009

Holiday Collection

Fabulous Christmas Flowers with a touch of Holiday Sparkle!

Happy Elf
4-inches, $5.00

Candy Cane Beauty
4-inches, $5.00

4-inches, $5.00

Lime Present
4-inches, $5.00

Santa's Tree
4-inches, $5.00

I Heart Snowmen
3-inches, $3.00 each or $5.00 pair

Snowflake Sparkle
2-inches, $5.00 pair or $3.00 each

Toasty Santa
3-inches, $3.00

Festive Trees
2-inches, $5.00 pair or $3.00 each

Peppermint Swirl
4-inches, $5.00

Pink-Red Mitten
4-inches, $5.00

Blue Ribbon Gift
3-inches, $3.00

Gingerbread Stocking
3-inches, $3.00

Shiny Peppermints
2-inches, $5.00 pair or $3.00 each

Striped Paper Packages
3-inches, $3.00

October 18, 2009

Cupcakes and Ice Cream

The CUTEST little flower pairs with sweet-treat flair! Perfect sweet accents in her hair, also great for birthday parties!

Chocolate Ice Cream
1.5-inches, $5.00 pair

Chocolate Swirl
1-inch, $5.00 pair

Pistachio Ice Cream
1.5-inches, $5.00 pair

Strawberry Ice Cream
1.5-inches, $5.00 pair

Pink Presents
2-inches, $5.00 pair

Chocolate Cupcakes
1-inch, $5.00 pair

Sparkle Pink Flower
1-inch, $5.00 pair

3.5-inches, $5.00

Also in stock, "Green Cupcakes" Pair, "Green Presents" Pair, "Blue Cupcakes" Pair, "Blue Presents" Pair.

October 15, 2009

"Baby & Pigtails" Collection

The pigtail collection will feature adorable matching pairs. The baby collection will feature soft sweet colors perfect for attaching to a headband or tiny ponytail!

Beautiful ribbon clip-holders to hold and display all your girls' flowers and clips!

Brown & Pink

Pink & White

Black & Pink

I'm busily making tons of hair clips for babies and for girls' pigtails! These will be smaller than my regular flowers, measuring 1 inch to 3 inches.

****Boutique featuring beautiful quilted gifts and clothing, as well as flower clips, this Saturday Oct. 17th. Check out Sew Perfect Gifts here.

September 13, 2009

New Flowers

New flowers!!

Pink Cream Flower

Autumn Red

All Pink

Wedding White


Denim Cream

Pink Star

Fall Lily

Christmas Eve

Candy Stick, 2-inch flower, $5 pair

Baby Pink - 2-inch flower, $3

Orange Rose

August 21, 2009

Selling Beautiful Flower Clips!

Neopolitan Star

Magenta Mistletoe



Orange Sunrise

Fall Foliage